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‘LEYLAK’ Award-Winning Live Action Short Film Review & Interview

I appreciate the well-thought-out setting of this short film and how the actors portray their roles. This film is relatable as if it could be about my family or yours. The camera captures expressions and dialogue between the characters that…

Mansfield 66/67 Film Review @mansfield6667

Before Paris Hilton and The Kardashians, there was uber sex symbol Jayne Mansfield, who was considered the first reality star in the 1950s and through the late 1960s, who believed she owed it to her “public” to make every part…

The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson – Film Review @MarshaMovie

“The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson,” directed and produced by Dave France, is an essential and important piece of history on broader societal and cultural level about the LGBTQ community and the world at large which was dangerous,…

Review – Beth LaMure’s Indie Drama ‘Daisy Winters’ With Brooke Shields and Sterling Jerins @Itsdaisywinters

“Daisy Winters” is the co-production of Hannover House , Daisy Force Pictures and Me Jane Productions. The story follows an 11-year-old girl’s intensely loving and unique relationship with her mother, and the effect of the relationship when the mother / daughter bond is broken. The film takes you on Daisy’s…

Horror Short “GOODNIGHT, GRACIE” Review @GNGracieFilm

In GOODNIGHT, GRACIE a mother gets hacked to pieces by her latest lover, Billy, while her devout child daughter, Gracie, fights to escape the same fate. Inspired by the director’s real life divorce of his parents, GOODNIGHT, GRACIE proclaims the thematic resonance of “blind faith leads to…

“Panic ” Noir Thriller-Movie Review

Panic, directed by Sean Spencer, works best as a psychological, deep, intense character study rather a thriller or action movie or trying to combine the genres. The lead actor David Gyasi (Interstellar) is the raw nerve who portrays Andrew Deeley…

Marjorie Prime Review

By Harriet Kaplan Science fiction, mystery, technology and drama add up to an intriguing, thoughtful and contemplative mix ruminating on Alzheimer’s disease, memories, aging, fractured family dynamics, disappointment and some closure in the finely acted Majorie Prime. This unique movie…

Collateral Beauty A Movie that Dares To Speak About What’s Beyond

By Sheryl Aronson Who believes in miracles?  Who believes in the collateral beauty of life?  On Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah, what a perfect topic to ponder. Both sacred holidays… both celebrate miracles. Hanukkah: after the forces…

“Allied” , My First Ever Red Carpet Movie Premiere

By Tim Byer My first ever red carpet movie premiere came for the movie “Allied”, starring Brad “the shit” Pitt and “French” Marion Cotillard, directed by “Zemeckie the Techie” Robert Zemeckis. The dress code was Dress to Impress, so a…

Robert Zemekis, Marion Cotillard, and Brad Pitt at the Premiere of “Allied”

By Sheryl Aronson Last night The Hollywood 360 attended the premiere of “Allied,” Brad Pitt’s new movie directed by veteran Robert Zemekis. When the limo pulled up to the red carpet and Brad Pitt walked out, the crowd exploded with…

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