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Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Jersey Lilly- Theater Review

High-powered cast of talented, accomplished actors and actresses brought to life and captivated the audience at Theater 40 in the Reuben Cordova Theater in Beverly Hills , during a recent performance on November 19 of Sherlock Holmes and The Case…

Mansfield 66/67 Film Review @mansfield6667

Before Paris Hilton and The Kardashians, there was uber sex symbol Jayne Mansfield, who was considered the first reality star in the 1950s and through the late 1960s, who believed she owed it to her “public” to make every part…

PHOTO 17 Benefit at MILK Studios – Stories: The AIDS Monument

The Hollywood 360 attended PHOTO 17, the 3rd annual fundraising initiative to support the creation of Stories: The AIDS Monument in West Hollywood benefit on Thursday, October 5th at Milk Studios in Los Angeles. STORIES: The AIDS Monument will memorialize…

The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson – Film Review @MarshaMovie

“The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson,” directed and produced by Dave France, is an essential and important piece of history on broader societal and cultural level about the LGBTQ community and the world at large which was dangerous,…

“Panic ” Noir Thriller-Movie Review

Panic, directed by Sean Spencer, works best as a psychological, deep, intense character study rather a thriller or action movie or trying to combine the genres. The lead actor David Gyasi (Interstellar) is the raw nerve who portrays Andrew Deeley…

The Hollywood 360 Interview : Writer/ Performer Jenny Jaffe @jennyjaffe

By Harriet Kaplan and Linita Masters ‘Neuriotica’ is a new IFC Comedy Crib series, created by and starring Jenny Jaffe.  The series follows Ivy, a small-town dominatrix with OCD.  She is struggling to keep her business afloat as the new mega-dungeon threatens her livelihood. And…

Marjorie Prime Review

By Harriet Kaplan Science fiction, mystery, technology and drama add up to an intriguing, thoughtful and contemplative mix ruminating on Alzheimer’s disease, memories, aging, fractured family dynamics, disappointment and some closure in the finely acted Majorie Prime. This unique movie…

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