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I’m your out of the box creatologist who seduces you through the power of words. You can love me, desire me, fear me but I promise you will be impassioned by me. My admiration of writing has been etched on my soul through lifetimes so for as far back as I can recall, I have longed to free myself through the precision of words. As I weave in and out of stories and genres I strive to touch your mind through my wistful energy. You're invited to follow me on my authored journey.

‘LEYLAK’ Award-Winning Live Action Short Film Review & Interview

I appreciate the well-thought-out setting of this short film and how the actors portray their roles. This film is relatable as if it could be about my family or yours. The camera captures expressions and dialogue between the characters that…

Supermansion: Summer Vacation Special Premieres August 16

Sony Crackle is premiering the all-new stop-motion animated original “SuperMansion: Summer Vacation Special,”, Thursday, August 16. In the upcoming summer special, the team heads to Hawaii where Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) runs into a vacationing former President Barack Obama (Jay…

Movie Review – Ian Hunt Duffy’s Award-Winning Short Film ‘Gridlock’ @Gridlockmovie

Director Ian Hunt Duffy and producer Simon Doyle’s unnerving thriller Gridlock has been selected to screen at the prestigious Edmonton International Film Festival in Canada on the 6th of October and stars Moe Dunford (Vikings), Peter Coonan (Love/Hate), Steve Wall (Dominion Creek) and Amy de Bhrun (Jason Bourne).  The intense 19 minutes of this…

Review – Beth LaMure’s Indie Drama ‘Daisy Winters’ With Brooke Shields and Sterling Jerins @Itsdaisywinters

“Daisy Winters” is the co-production of Hannover House , Daisy Force Pictures and Me Jane Productions. The story follows an 11-year-old girl’s intensely loving and unique relationship with her mother, and the effect of the relationship when the mother / daughter bond is broken. The film takes you on Daisy’s…

Horror Short “GOODNIGHT, GRACIE” Review @GNGracieFilm

In GOODNIGHT, GRACIE a mother gets hacked to pieces by her latest lover, Billy, while her devout child daughter, Gracie, fights to escape the same fate. Inspired by the director’s real life divorce of his parents, GOODNIGHT, GRACIE proclaims the thematic resonance of “blind faith leads to…

Tom Albanese’s Award-Winning film “Charming” – Review

By Rena Renee Charming (Tom Albanese) , the main character left such a lingering feeling of familiarity and hope. It is so familiar to push forward with a romantic goal only to find the world does not entirely see things…

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