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Disney Magic of Storytelling- Disney Reads Day

Disney and ABC Invited Families to Read Together During Fifth Annual “Magic of Storytelling” Campaign and Second Annual Disney Reads Day. Disney Channel stars gathered for storytime with kids from the Boys and Girls Club to celebrate Disney Reads Day, an initiative that…

Beau and Ezekiel Bridges to read Dalton Trumbo’s ‘Johnny Got His Gun’ at Theatricum

By Tracy McCormick Johnny Got His Gun —  Beau Bridges reads his stage adaptation of Dalton Trumbo’s famous anti-war novel with his son Ezekiel in this special event at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum. WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 22 at 6 p.m. WHERE: Will Geer’s Theatricum…

Star Trek’s Still As Relevant on The 50th Anniversary

by Dave Marinaccio The 50th anniversary of the launch of Star Trek is this September. Fifty years after William Shatner made his first “captain’s log,” the power of Star Trek is felt across generations. Just this summer, the thirteenth Star…

Brand New POKÉMON Titles Debut From VIZ Media

VIZ Media’s POKÉMON library continues to grow with the upcoming releases of a brand new series and an exciting box set! First up in September is the new series by the famed POKÉMON ADVENTURES creators, Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto, POKÉMON OMEGA RUBY & ALPHA…

EarthQuaker Devices Launches Octo Skull Comic Book

Ohio-based effects pedal company EarthQuaker Devices launches EarthQuaker Comics today with the release of Octo Skull, its first foray into the world of comic books. Octo Skull is an epic fantasy adventure set in a magical and unforgiving universe with…

Mara Wilson’s U.S. Book Tour Dates For Her Memoir ‘Where Am I Now?’ from Penguin Books

Mara Wilson is best known for her childhood roles in Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda. Now she plays The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home on Welcome to Night Vale, and hosts her show about fears and anxieties, What Are You Afraid Of?,…


Celebrating the remarkable career of famed illustrator and artist Yoshitaka Amano, Viz Media will release a new book , Yoshitaka Amano: Illustrations on August 19th. Packed with sketches, commentary, and interviews, this beautiful volume offers a concise survey of Amano’s…

An Interview With Sheryl Aronson- Author of Passing Myself Down to the Grave

Sheryl Aronson is an accomplished journalist, a dedicated psychotherapist, a valued member of The Hollywood 360 team and a fierce survivor. In her memoir ” Passing Myself Down to the Grave”, she shares a period in her life which would…

Kazue Kato, creator of BLUE EXORCIST first North American appearance at Anime Expo Los Angeles!

Kazue Kato, creator of hit supernatural action manga BLUE EXORCIST, will make her first North American appearance at the upcoming Anime Expo show in Los Angeles! Anime Expo is the largest dedicated anime / manga fan convention in North America,…

Women Readers are Coming Out of The Science Fiction Closet

By Darren Beyer Science fiction has been a traditionally male dominated genre—at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe over the years. One had to look no farther than the closest science fiction and fantasy convention to see a…

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