‘LEYLAK’ Award-Winning Live Action Short Film Review & Interview

I appreciate the well-thought-out setting of this short film and how the actors portray their roles. This film is relatable as if it could be about my family or yours. The camera captures expressions and dialogue between the characters that…

‘Dance into the Desert’ Debut by Heather Gruber Brings Upbeat Tone to LA Stories

Heather Gruber has a whimsical style but her debut release “Dance into the Desert” recounts the real experiences of a young musician trying to make it in Hollywood. The city can chew you up and spit you out, but Heather…

Careful Not to Swoon from Bobbie Morrone’s ‘Lonely St.’

Bobbie Morrone has a polished style that could get people swooning, so listeners need to be careful when playing the great new album, Lonely St. In the genre of the great vintage singers, but using the modern arrangements and tones…

Imagination Movers Get Parental OK with New Album ’10-4′

It seems like the people who create children’s songs are doing something right. Imagination Movers has a new album called 10-4 and it appeals to all ages. It’s no coincidence that this children’s music is getting a lot of attention.…

Jesika von Rabbit Releases Flavorful LP ‘Dessert Rock’ and Performs at Hi-Hat

By SIERRA FONTANA Jesika von Rabbit has released her new album Dessert Rock, and while the title may be a funny play on on words, the music is seriously good.  Known as “The Queen of the Hi Desert,” Jesika von Rabbit has been making fun…

Supermansion: Summer Vacation Special Premieres August 16

Sony Crackle is premiering the all-new stop-motion animated original “SuperMansion: Summer Vacation Special,”, Thursday, August 16. In the upcoming summer special, the team heads to Hawaii where Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston) runs into a vacationing former President Barack Obama (Jay…

Two Rooms A Play that Reflects Two Sides to the Same Story

Two Rooms, Stuart Roger’s Studios, June 17th Don Franklin, film, television and stage actor felt compelled to take on the role of Walker, a newspaper reporter who is an ardent champion of truth in the theater production of Two Rooms. …

Destiny: The Taken King Review

Destiny’s first year was a collage of peaks and valleys as Bungie released two expansions to its sci-fi multiplayer title. At its best, Destiny comprised a shooter with pristine controls and clever cooperative play. I have had a bit of…

Damn Yankees! Damn Good!

Damn Yankees! World Series Win For Cabrillo Music Theater! By:Michele Black Damn Yankees original words and music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, book by George Abbot and Douglass Wallop based on the novel “The Year the Yankees Lost the…

Tim Burton’s : BIG EYES

The Story of Walter and Margaret Keane as seen through the eyes of Tim Burton. By Linita Masters We have all been waiting for Tim Burton to move and inspire us again with his unique stylistic touches and inventive perspective…

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