Mighty Works Media Releases JBiggs… #Tunagang Music Video “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

By Sheryl Aronson Image: A father sits down next to his young son and together they watch the news where a black man just got shot. The son asks him innocently, “Why did the police just shoot that man?” Image:…

Soul Records Launches Official Website

Our own Sheryl Aronson has been working as Soul Records, Director of Communications and announced today that Soul Records has now launched its official website. At SoulRecordsllc.com you can check out their photo gallery, videos , articles on artists, music events,…

Dru-Zak and Soul Records Launch The Shimmy Twist EP, CD

By Sheryl Aronson On my trip back East to Camden, NJ, I caught up with Soul Record’s recording artist Dru-Zak, but this time on his home turf.   In May of 2015, I interviewed the vocalist because Soul Records had just…

X-Cluzive Soul The Group that “Entertains” While Singing Soul

By Sheryl Aronson “In this business it’s called entertainment and we simply use the word…Entertain at X-Cluzive Soul and beyond.  We are bringing back that good taste for the mature audience who loves those songs, those good romantic songs with…

Soul Record Exclusive – John Hall, The BossMan Commands the Stage

By Sheryl Aronson Radio Vision Network,  Soul Records Presents  After the Show Television Program,  MT. Laurel, New Jersey Robert E. Johnson, CEO of Soul Records welcomed John Hall, The BossMan, on After The Show, to talk about Hall’s illustrious forty-year…

Exclusive Soul-Your Connection For Exclusive Stories About Soul Records

By Sheryl Aronson CEO, of Soul Records, Robert E. Johnson, once again is reviving the essence of Soul as he premieres the cable television talk series… After the Show.  Hosting from his hometown of Camden, New Jersey, Johnson taps into…

The Resurrection of Soul Records A Label That Never Dies

By Sheryl Aronson In May 2015, Robert E. Johnson visited Los Angeles for the first time scouting talent for his newly acquired label Soul Records.  At that time, I interviewed Robert E. Johnson about his story and vision for resurrecting…

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