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ELKS DAP (Drug Awareness program) and the DEA create new video in partnership with SMOSH and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment @ElksDAP

New Anti-Drug Awareness Video “A Single Moment Matters” Launches to Highlight the Devastating Effects of Drugs

ELKS DAP (Drug Awareness Program), the nation’s largest all volunteer drug education group, and the DEA, today released a national awareness video “A Single Moment Matters” as a powerful campaign to bring awareness to the long-term effects of drugs. The video will premiere on SMOSH, the largest digital comedy brand in the world, and was created in partnership with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment.

The drug awareness video is created to show how easily a single moment in your life can put you on a path to drug addiction and severe consequences in your life. The video is shot using popular SMOSH talent. In the video the SMOSH cast members Courtney Miller, Keith Leak Jr., and Noah Grossman are thrust into a situation in which, unbeknownst to them, they will meet an alternate version of themselves and see what life could have been like for them had they gone down a different path. The stories show how easy it can be to slip into an addiction, with one story showing how Noah had become addicted to drugs after an accident.

Celebrity make-up artists helped depict the physical effects of various narcotics and prescription drugs on the young SMOSH talent to create a real-life before and after transformation of the actors, leading to dramatic and emotional reactions as they see themselves in these devastating situations. The video shows the shocking effects each drug has had on them and in each case the SMOSH actors struggle to grasp what they are seeing. The experience is shocking and genuinely emotional as they see their own reality recreated in such a dramatic and devastating way.

The video is produced by SMOSH, in partnership with ELKS DAP, the DEA and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment. Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment joined as a producing partner and was passionate about the project as co-founder Stan Lee has been including real-life issues in his superhero characters since the 1970’s. In 1971, Stan Lee was asked to include an anti-drug story line in the Spider-Man comics while at Marvel and now in 2018, Stan Lee and his company, Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, continue this tradition by partnering with YouTube sensation SMOSH, the DEA and the nation’s largest all-volunteer drug awareness program ELKS DAP to create a very special anti-drug video for release on the SMOSH Pit YouTube Channel.

About ELKS

As a 150-year-old organization, they are 100% inclusive with a membership of close to 1 million diverse Men & Woman in over 2000 Lodges nationally and while they consider themselves faith based they are non-denominational and open to all creeds. The Elks have always prided themselves on civic duty, and the ElksDAP program is the nation’s largest all volunteer Kids Drug & Alcohol Prevention program. The Elks are also strong supporters of our brave men & woman in the Military having built and donated the nation’s first VA Hospital to the US Government.  The Elks have donated more than $3.6 Billion in cash, goods and services to enrich the lives of millions of people!


Launched on YouTube in 2005, SMOSH has evolved into a full-fledged comedy empire, with over 45 million YouTube subscribers across 7 channels, 26 million social followers, and a growing cast, crew and staff of well over 50 people. SMOSH has one of the strongest digital footprints in the world and has successfully expanded into gaming, sketch comedy, parody, science and animation that can be seen across multiple established and emerging platforms. SMOSH has also experienced a number of chart-topping musical endeavors, record-breaking channel spin-offs, top selling mobile and gaming apps, retail merchandise, comic books and live programming. In 2015, the brand released its 1st feature-length film SMOSH: The Movie which debuted at #1 on the iTunes comedy chart; in 2016, SMOSH released its 2nd feature-length film GHOSTMATES, co-starring T-Pain, on YouTube RED to huge success; and one of its most successful shows, Every Blank Ever, has been running strong since 2015 and averages close to 7 million views per episode.

About Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment

POW! Entertainment Inc. is a multimedia company founded by the iconic comic book creator Stan Lee to create and license intellectual properties for entertainment media, including: feature length films, television, merchandising, branded content and other related ancillary markets as well as exclusively maintain and protect the ownership of his name, likeness, voice, trademarks and publicity rights throughout the world.  POW! Entertainment was acquired by Hong Kong-based Camsing International Holding Limited, one of China’s leading brand licensing, entertainment, marketing and promotion companies, in 2017.  Under new leadership that includes Stan, another original founder and industry veterans from the NBA, Marvel and MGM, POW! is working with top writers, artists, animators, filmmakers and actors to extend the legacy of the greatest storyteller of our time.

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