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After having photographed performances of over five hundred and fifty [different] Latin music artists, I'm either known by my first name: Fredwill, or as "Latin music's photojournalist." | Founder/CEO: Spanglish Entertainment, LLC an [independent] Latin music record label with a management and publishing arm --distributed by Create Music Group] | VP Artist Relations, Latin: Revohloo app

Exclusive: Mexican pride evident during the City of Indio’s inaugural Center Stage unveiling, kicking off the Sonidos concert series.

By: Fredwill Hernandez On Wed. – April 17th there was excitement in downtown Indio, Ca. – “but this time” it wasn’t for the Coachella Music Festival, as the city got ready for their ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil their new, very…

By embracing the [Chicano] culture that embraced her, Peruvian fashion designer Elvira Zamora gave birth to Chicano Elegance.

By: Fredwill Hernandez “I’ve been waiting for twenty-years [now] for an event like this, no one thought of creating it [and if they did they did they never brought to life] so I did,” explains Peruvian Fashion Designer Elvira Zamora,…

Exclusive: LA6 [Latin music] Showcase gains momentum as it boosts Latin music artists discovery, while attracting sponsors.

By: Fredwill Hernandez Excitement was in the air in anticipation for the start of the 4th Annual Winter Edition LA6 Showcase – a collaborative effort between Los Angeles, Ca. based DJ Irony, and [his colleague] DJ Lenny G who [both] are employed and spin for Spanish…

Some companies capitalized on [The] NAMM Show’s regular schedule return, despite “much less” foot traffic and exhibitors.

By: Fredwill Hernandez The [123nd] National Association of Music Merchants [NAMM] Show, which ran from Sun. – Jan 25 through Sun. – Jan. 28 — returned for the third time [in-person] without any COVID-19 restriction with “mixed emotions.” Many attendees were disappointed…

Exclusive: Kobian and Kickz pull off the second annual Urban Con with a For Us, By Us mentality as a platform for Latinos to shine!

By: Fredwill Hernandez In 1992, Daymond John and three of his friends from Hollis, Queen – came together and created a sportswear [hip-hop] apparel company named FUBU, which stands For Us, By Us. Even though we are not talking about…

Exclusive: Latin Urban Duo Fusión Latina ends up victorious during the 4th Annual LA6 [Latin Music] Showcase!

By: Fredwill Hernandez Excitement was in the air in anticipation for the start of the 4th Annual LA6 Showcase – a collaborative effort between Los Angeles, Ca. based DJ Irony, and [his colleague] DJ Lenny G who [both] are employed…

Maná’s Sergio Vallín releases classic [and very rare] instrumental album Microsinfonias: Goldtop Box Set, which “honors his father.”

By: Fredwill Hernandez Sergio Vallín who has been the guitar player for legendary, iconic, and famed Mexican rock band Maná since 1994, released what in my opinion will become “a classic and very sought-after album” titled Microsinfonias: the Goldtop Box…

Warm Audio, Apogee Digital, Antelope Audio, and Lynx Studio Technology shine during NAMM’s second year [post pandemic] in-person return.

By: Fredwill Hernandez The [122nd] National Association of Music Merchants [NAMM] Show, which ran from Thur. – April 13 through Sat. – April 15 — returned for the second time [in-person] without any COVID-19 restriction with “mixed emotions” from attendees.…

Exclusive: Culiacán, Sinaloa’s Bratty, and the valley’s own Danny Lux shine during Goldenvoice and City of Indio’s Chella event.

By: Fredwill Hernandez Anticipation was in the air a few hours before the start of Chella, a free live music event held in downtown Indio, [Ca.] on Wed. – April 19th [in between Coachella Music Festival’s weekend dates] in a…

Exclusive: Del Records ends year on a high note with “two altruistic munificent acts.”

By: Fredwill Hernandez Hundreds of cars were lining up [a few hours] early on Garfield Ave. in Bell Gardens, and even some families, which also included fans on foot who lined up on the sidewalk a few feet from Del…

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