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After having photographed performances of over four hundred and fifty [different] Latin music artists, I'm either known by my first name: Fredwill, or as "Latin music's photojournalist." CEO/Pres. of Spanglish Entertainment, LLC [a Latin music record label with a management and publishing arm --distributed by Create Music Group]

No Longer with Del Records, Grupo Fernandez returns with their single “[The] Woodpecker”

By: Fredwill Hernandez “The song speaks of someone who is Mexican American, it begins like that. We got the song from Jesus Castro, who wrote it, and has placed songs [he has penned] with Los Plebes del Rancho [de Ariel Camacho], and…

Why El RH walked away and returned [back] to Popular Mexican Music!

“I was born in Los Angeles, my father is from Jalisco, Mexico, and my mother from Michuacan, [MX], I however lived a short time as a kid [both] in Jalisco, and as an adolescent also in Michuacan. Upon my return…

5th Annual Ruidofest: Addresses inclusion and cements itself as the best [three-day] Latin music festival in the country!

By: Fredwill Hernandez Forecasted bad weather did not deter thousands [from across the country and locally] who came out to witness and take part in Chicago’s fifth annual Ruidofest, what in my opinion has become [while addressing inclusion] — “the…

Mariachi Sol De Mexico’s Jose Hernandez brings [Father’s Day] Mariachi extravaganza to San Diego [County] Fair!

By: Fredwill Hernandez “Right now we are about to [soon] start recording a new album of [dedicated to] sones and huapangos that’s complimented with Folklore dance. This time of year [this date] is important to us, being [that it’s] Father’s…

[UMLE’s] Fonovisa Latin acts take over the San Diego County Fair!

By: Fredwill Hernandez “I waited [approximately] a year and eight months before releasing AHORA because I wanted the project [Cd] to be complete to my liking and taste, I wanted to also grow as a songwriter. I took the task to collaborate…

Fonovisa banking on Los Crecidos’ romantic style with their debut album: Déjame Robarte un Beso!

By: Fredwill Hernandez “Ariel Camacho y Los Plebes Del Rancho were a big influence on us, also other Popular Mexican Music acts in the Norteño realm like Enigma Norteño, or even Codigo FN, but I think that what defines or…

After a 7 year hiatus Seaworld’s Viva La Musica returns with high-caliber Popular Mexican Music acts!

By: Fredwill Hernandez On Sat. – May 4th veteran Popular Mexican Music act Los Tucanes De Tijuana known for classic songs like “La Chona,” “Tres Animales,” and “Secuestro de Amor,” kicked off the highly anticipated return of Seaworld’s “very popular and unique” Viva…

5th Annual Fiesta de la Flor: Leslie Grace honors Selena in an “authentic and memorable” way!

By: Fredwill Hernandez When people talk about or mention Bob Marley, many [probably] don’t know or hardly anything is [ever] mentioned or talked about Danny Sims, the man who knew he had found something special when he heard Marley sing at a…

Ignacio Val, Beto Vargas and TIAN “unite” to perform, share their music and create a platform during 3N1 Music + Art, April 4, [2019] at Candela [La Brea] Nightclub!

By: Fredwill Hernandez In a collaborative effort between three [LA based] Latin alternative music artists [Ignacio Val, Beto Vargas, and TIAN], and their desire to perform, share their music, and possibly also create a platform for others “gave birth” to 3N1 Music + Art,…

5th Annual Ruidofest to take place June 21, 22, and 23, 2019, at Chicago’s Union Park!

By: Fredwill Hernandez Los Tigres Del Norte, Hombres G, Enanitos Verdes, El Tri, El Gran Silencio, Monsieur Periné, and Flor De Toloache are amongst “a multitude of artists” scheduled to perform during the 5th Annual Ruidofest, [in my opinion] the…

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