Chewbacca Mask Lady Drives James Corden to Work

“This was worth Every Penny”

Candace Payne, AKA The Chewbacca Lady, was a guest on CBS’ “The Late Late Show” on Monday.

In the car with James Cordon, driving him to work, Candace Payne laughs through her Chewbacca Mask.  “You know that doesn’t sound like Chewbacca,  right?” Corden tells Payne. Then a surprise guest, “Star Wars” director , J.J. Abrams pops in from the backseat to join the conversation.

“You know, I disagree,” he told Corden, and then started demonstrating the correct Chewbacca noise to Payne. Corden decided he didn’t want to be left out and put on his own Chewbacca mask and proceeded to laugh uncontrollably, along with Payne and Abrams.

Candace Payne became a viral sensation when she uploaded a video of herself in her car putting on the Chewbacca mask she had just bought. During her interview with Corden, Payne explained that she recorded the video to let her kids and husband know that this mask was hers and only hers.

The video has over 140 million views and broke a Facebook record by being the most watched Facebook Live Video post ever.

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