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Anne Steele Creates New Genre for Lovers of ‘Hip-Pop’ with ‘Made Out Of Stars’

Anne Steele’s new 7-song EP Made Out Of Stars encourages listeners to get up and hit the dance floor. But there’s more to this collection than meets the ear. Inspired by Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand, Steele takes original pop…

Mark Peters Releases Upbeat ‘Sum Of All Parts’ EP

Sometimes you just want to work with your friends and in the case of Mark Peters, his friends happen to be some solid musicians. Peters has pulled in some of the best local musicians in his part of London to…

Lillimure Shows Sophisticated Side with ‘WDYTM’ Single

Lillimure is only 19 but her music captures a lifetime of experiences. Her new song, “WDYTM” is a great example of that. With a light but hearfelt quality to her voice, this talented musician on the rise is a sophisticated …

‘Baby Don’t Cry’ Brings Upbeat Outlook After Breakup

With “Baby Don’t Cry,” Lucinda Belle has released a upbeat jazzy song reminiscent of some of the greats from the old jazz era. It is not easy to break up and move on. But Belle has some sound advice and…

Cindy Jollotta’s Video ‘Ghosts’ Asks Age-Old Question in a New Way

It is better to stay or go? Well in Cindy Jollotta’s new video “Ghosts” the female protagonist has decided to move forward, and she’s going to take her rightful place where she believes she belongs. “Ghosts” is an unusual depiction…

Damon Mitchell Prays for Release with New Album ‘Elise’

What do you do when you can’t let go of the past? You know, maybe you say “It’s not you, it’s me,” but that doesn’t work for Damon Mitchell who sings about such issues on his new EP Elise.  Elise…

Careful Not to Swoon from Bobbie Morrone’s ‘Lonely St.’

Bobbie Morrone has a polished style that could get people swooning, so listeners need to be careful when playing the great new album, Lonely St. In the genre of the great vintage singers, but using the modern arrangements and tones…

Imagination Movers Get Parental OK with New Album ’10-4′

It seems like the people who create children’s songs are doing something right. Imagination Movers has a new album called 10-4 and it appeals to all ages. It’s no coincidence that this children’s music is getting a lot of attention.…

Jesika von Rabbit Releases Flavorful LP ‘Dessert Rock’ and Performs at Hi-Hat

By SIERRA FONTANA Jesika von Rabbit has released her new album Dessert Rock, and while the title may be a funny play on on words, the music is seriously good.  Known as “The Queen of the Hi Desert,” Jesika von Rabbit has been making fun…

New Music: Ultraphonix Blends Talents of Corey Glover, George Lynch

Want to spend some time with George Lynch, Corey Glover and their band Ultraphonix? Check out their videos here. The guys are joined by Chris Moore on drums and Pancho Tomaselli on bass and Ultraphonix has a new album, Original…

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