Jenna Marbles Travels Back in Time With Her Teenage Beauty Tutorial

Looking back, we’ve all gone through many makeup fazes, from testing out our moms lipstick,  to finally mastering that perfect smokey eye. For most of us , it was a long, expensive and sometimes cringe-worthy  journey to get where we are today.  Now, if we aren’t sure how to get the newest makeup looks of our favorite celebs, we can simply scroll through our favorite YouTubers tutorials to find exactly what we’re looking for.

jjJenna Marbles decided to take a hilarious trip back in time and revisit her journey through some of her middle school, high school and college makeup phases, and takes us along with her. This video will make you want to pull out your old yearbooks, and reminise over some cotton candy pink lipstick, blue eye shadow and banana clip.

This video may not be the most informative tutorial, but it is the funniest.