Classy Vibrato Jazz Grill Turned Out An Alley Cat Party

By Museically Inclined Mikey Adam Cohen & Sheryl Aronson Beverly Hills…Vibrato Jazz Grill…9/20/15 One year ago, Nils Jiptner released his CD, Alley Cat.  Museically Inclined, Sheryl Aronson and Mikey Adam Cohen attended the concert at the very classy Vibrato Jazz…

A Saturday Morning I’ll Never Forget

By Sheryl Aronson I wrote this article one year ago.  Since that time, I have had the distinct honor to interview Keiko Matsui three times, attend an acoustic concert December 2015, and spend an afternoon with Keiko right before she…

B.I.G. Brothers Igniting Groove At the Jazz West Festival

By Sheryl Aronson On Saturday, July 16th, the smoking hot funky band B.I.G. (Brothers Igniting Groove) tore the house down twice on the Garden Stage at the Jazz Fest West Festival in San Dimas, California. On Saturday, July 16th, the…

An Interview With Sheryl Aronson- Author of Passing Myself Down to the Grave

Sheryl Aronson is an accomplished journalist, a dedicated psychotherapist, a valued member of The Hollywood 360 team and a fierce survivor. In her memoir ” Passing Myself Down to the Grave”, she shares a period in her life which would…

Greg Manning Takes Center Stage At The Laguna Beach Arts Festival 2016

By Museically Inclined -Sheryl Aronson & Mikey Adam Cohen On Tuesday, July 12th, Greg Manning’s quintet entertained the crowd with music that bespoke gorgeous elegance and funky/soulful sounds, at The Festival of Art’s concert series, in Laguna Beach. The Festival…

Suburban Showgirl Can She Have It All?

By Sheryl Aronson Palmer Davis, actress, dancer, choreographer, dance teacher stars in a one-woman show where she poses the question, can a female professional showgirl have it all?  Is she able to be a wife, a mother, can she stay…

Hollywood 360 Interview : Don Franklin-An Actor with a Purpose

Don Franklin has been in Hollywood since the 1980’s. He is best known for his roles in seaQuest DSV  as Commander Jonathan Ford, Seven Days as Captain Craig Donovan, and as one of The Young Riders (Noah Dixon).  Although this actor has achieved success in…

The Hollywood 360 Entertainment Reporter Tells All About Her First Acting Gig

By Sheryl Aronson Lagos, Nigeria- I never thought I’d be on the other end of the camera – meaning in the front, on a set, playing a foreign banker.  I had booked a commercial for Fidelity Bank in Lagos, Nigeria,…

“Passing Myself Down to the Grave” Book Release Party

On Sunday April 24th, from 12 -3pm, El Cid restaurant, in Hollywood, was jam packed with a crowd of people to celebrate Sheryl Aronson’s, Entertainment Reporter for The Hollywood 360, book release party for her new Memoir, Passing Myself Down…

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